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He talks more with me than you do.. he talks to me, although he couldn't talk to me for a long time.. He sees my tears, although he hardly has sentimental emotions..
20.12.07 20:02


Why do I wipe away my tears, because I hear your footsteps on the floor and because I think that you are coming into my room, when you are just going to another one?
20.12.07 19:57

I don't want you to come.. to see my tears.. I don't want you to not keep them in mind..
20.12.07 19:53

Why don't you realize that you don't have as much time as you want for actually living a live. I realize it every day. I want to say good night every night to people, because (of course I don't hope so but we sadly know it can happen everytime) I don't want them to go away from me when the last thing I ever said was a bad word. Please, why don't you open your eyes? Why don't you think more about live?
20.12.07 19:51

I don't want to talk.. words make it worse.
20.12.07 19:43

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